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Unique features

  • Double motoric driven manifold with liquid and air knife system to ensure direct effect
  • Synchronous spraying and drying from both sides, this prevents stencil from damaging
  • Rinsing by water or DI water
  • Heated cleaning process
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  • Universal cleaning solution (PCBA, misprint, stencil in one system)
  • Designed to clean difficult hi-density PCBA with low standoff components
  • Cleaning before wire bonding
  • High throughput & low proces cost cleaning
  • Excelent PUMP PRINT® stencil cleaning. 

Specifications - Cleaning Systems

Unique features

  • 4 step process - each split to 5 subprocess
  • Easy process optimization due to glass door
  • Efficient air knife for drip-off and fast drying
  • DI water reclaim plant is integrated
  • Optional selective single-side cleaning
  • Easy maintenance
  • 3 years warranty on request

Parameters - Cleaning Systems

Control system

  • WIN7® based, touchscreen, LAN connection
  • Complete process traceability available
  • Barcode reader for product identification (option)
  • Cleaner concentration measuring (option)
  • Machine event logging
  • Week program for automatic start-up (shut down)
  • Remote support
  • Intuitive control system
  • Three level password protection
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