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Description : eC-reflow-mate-hood The eC-reflow-mate-hood is an add-on to our eC-reflow-mate oven V3 which removes soldering fumes when the oven door opens after reflow. How does it fit? The hood clips onto the top of the oven as shown. It projects beyond the back of the oven to allow connection to an existing fume extraction system via a standard 50.1 mm or 76.4 mm tube. The hoods are supplied with two connectors, one for each of the two standard tube sizes. How does it work? 1. Connect the hood to the extraction unit and switch it on. 2. When the door opens after soldering, a simple lever on the hood holds the drawer under the hood slot so that the fumes can be extracted. 3. Once this is done, depress the lever to release the drawer and unload the PCB in the usual way. Notes: 1. V3 ovens have the serial numbers: 12090223 - 12090362 and 14040001 upwards. 2. If you don't have an existing extraction system we offer a suitable unit : check out the 'eC-fumecube' below.
195,00 €
The eC-reflow-mate reflow oven gives an even temperature across the board under total user control throughout the soldering process. The eC-reflow-pilot software allows the user to define and store an unlimited number of temperature and time profiles and to monitor the exact process for each board. Separate sensors can be used to measure and display the temperature profile on the actual PCB - order eC-reflow-mate now
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Unique Selling Points 1. Shelf life 9 months instead of 6 months Date of manufacturing on the packing 2. Stencil life = paste on stencil - relative humidity 40-60% - temperature 20-25°C => 24h-48h 3. Board life = paste on PCB - time between paste printing and final component placement - relative humidity 40-60% - temperature 20-25°C => 24h-48h 4. Tack time - time that the eC-solderpaste keeps its tackiness = more than 8h after printing 5. PiP - suitable for pin-in-paste technology 6. Guaranteed Halogen free ROL0 = Rosin - Low activity - 0 Halogen Halogen - IPC standard = 500 ppm - European standard = 100 ppm - eC-solderpaste = 0 ppm 7. 140Gr Jar instead of 500Gr Jar - less waste - more economic price 8. no clean solder paste
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Description : Flexible, easy to use software controlling all aspects of the reflow soldering operation preheater: · set temperature: sets the temperature of the preheat stage. · follow act. temp. program: the preheat stage follows the temperature of the main heat stage with the defined offset. · temperature correction: sets the offset between main and external sensor. This offset is also displayed. · reflow hold time: sets the duration of the maximum temperature as defined in the profile. After this temperature is reached it will be held for the specified time. Download – File transfer from the eC-reflow-mate to the eC-reflow-pilot. Upload – File transfer from the eC-reflow-pilot to eC-reflow-mate. COM-Port setup. On first operation, the valid COM port will be shown. If this is not the case, check the control panel / device manager for the suggested COM Port and input the port number in the eC-reflow-pilot options – select serial port in drop-down menu. Temperature points in the profile can be hidden by dragging them to the beginning of the timeline. Global parameter should only be changed by the manufacturer or after consultation.
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Description : Wooden stainless steel squeegee for solder paste application Wooden stainless steel squeegee for solder paste application · Comfortable wooden handle · Can rest vertically on its wooden handle to keep work surfaces clean · Optimum size (260mm x 92mm) to match our eC-stencil-mate · Magnetic parking on the eC-stencil-mate for clean and convenient operation · Replaceable 200µm stainless steel blade
29,95 €
Description : SMD solder paste stencil printer for prototypes and small runs Fast, precise and economical solder-paste printing even for the shortest run. · Vertical separation of board and stencil – critical for accurate fine-feature printing · Uses Eurocircuits low-cost laser-cut stainless-steel stencils · Magnetic place holders and supports give sufficient manipulation possibilities to allow printing on the second side of a board that already carries components. · Simple pin-registration system based on identical tooling holes in PCB and stencil – accuracy without complex manual set-up time · Excellent registration repeatability – critical for small series printing · No clamping holes needed to support the stencil. · Rigid aluminium construction for accuracy and repeatability Maximum stencil size 390 x 290 mm Maximum PCB size 350 x 250 mm Dimensions 670 (d) x 470 (w) x 190 (h) mm Weight 19 kg
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Application Cleaning the eC-stencil while in use. Clean solderpaste misprints, non cured SMT adhesives.

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Cleaning a stencil after use to completely dry it (use it after you first use eC-Stencil-Wipe. Can also be used to clean and dry PCB's and other surfaces.

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