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Description : Wooden stainless steel squeegee for solder paste application Wooden stainless steel squeegee for solder paste application · Comfortable wooden handle · Can rest vertically on its wooden handle to keep work surfaces clean · Optimum size (260mm x 92mm) to match our eC-stencil-mate · Magnetic parking on the eC-stencil-mate for clean and convenient operation · Replaceable 200µm stainless steel blade
29,95 €
Description : SMD solder paste stencil printer for prototypes and small runs Fast, precise and economical solder-paste printing even for the shortest run. · Vertical separation of board and stencil – critical for accurate fine-feature printing · Uses Eurocircuits low-cost laser-cut stainless-steel stencils · Magnetic place holders and supports give sufficient manipulation possibilities to allow printing on the second side of a board that already carries components. · Simple pin-registration system based on identical tooling holes in PCB and stencil – accuracy without complex manual set-up time · Excellent registration repeatability – critical for small series printing · No clamping holes needed to support the stencil. · Rigid aluminium construction for accuracy and repeatability Maximum stencil size 390 x 290 mm Maximum PCB size 350 x 250 mm Dimensions 670 (d) x 470 (w) x 190 (h) mm Weight 19 kg
1 495,00 €

Application Cleaning the eC-stencil while in use. Clean solderpaste misprints, non cured SMT adhesives.

22,50 €

Cleaning a stencil after use to completely dry it (use it after you first use eC-Stencil-Wipe. Can also be used to clean and dry PCB's and other surfaces.

22,50 €
Solid mechanical construction with non backlash sliders Independent adjustment in four axes Micrometer adjusting screws Good price to performance ratio PCB Window in stencil frame: 295 x 325 mm Adjustment range X,Y axis: +/- 12.5 mm Z axis: +/- 3 mm Table rotation +/- 30 deg Adjusting precision X, Y, Z axis: 0.01 mm Dimensions and weight 600 x 400 x 400 mm, 20 kg
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Unique features

  • Double motoric driven manifold with liquid and air knife system to ensure direct effect
  • Synchronous spraying and drying from both sides, this prevents stencil from damaging
  • Rinsing by water or DI water
  • Heated cleaning process
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